Before you put on your triathlon wetsuit, there are a few key tips that’ll help: 

  1. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed, sharp pieces can rip your wetsuit and ruin it. 
  2. Put on your socks, it will be easier to put on the wetsuit.
  3. You can put some Vaseline on your neck to prevent chafing.
  4. Rather slow down and focus on your movements to make sure you do it right. The more you become used to the movements, the faster you’ll be able to do it. 


  1. Unzip your wetsuit Most wetsuits have zippers in the back. Unzip them.
  2. Put on your socks and pull the wetsuit up to your knees Once you have the wetsuit lined up, pull your wetsuit over your foot and ankle, gradually working it up over the knee one leg at a time. Make sure that any wetsuit padding is properly aligned. There shouldn't be any large wrinkles or folds. Once the wetsuit is up around mid thigh, switch to the other leg. Work out rolls and ripples in the wetsuit as you move up your legs.
  3. Pull the suit over your thighs and waist Once the suit is past mid thigh on both legs, gently pull the suit past your hips until the seam is nestled snugly in your crotch.
  4. Insert one arm at a time Use the same method that you did with your legs. Be careful with fingernails on the fabric. Gently pull the suit up your arms and then pull it over the shoulder.
  5. Zip up your wetsuit Reach over your shoulder and pull the zipper up.
  6. Check the fit Walk around, raise your knees, rotate your shoulders, bend your arms, and maybe do a few jumps or squats. While you should be able to feel the snugness of the wetsuit, your movement shouldn't be overly constricted. You shouldn't have loose areas either. If your movement is constricted, take the suit off and get a bigger one. If you have loose areas, take the suit off and get a smaller one.

1. It's normal to feel a little tight the first time you wear it, as long as you can breathe normally. It's usually better when you get in the water. If you still don't feel comfortable after 5 minutes, you may need to go up a size.


  1. Unzip your wetsuit
  2. Remove the wetsuit from your neck and shoulders
  3. Slide out your arms One at a time, remove your arms from the wetsuit. Be sure to use your fingertips rather than fingernails. Pull each arm fully out of its sleeve, leaving the arms inside out. Don’t worry if your wetsuit turns inside out. This is normal and you can fix it later.
  4. Pull it down your torso and hips Wiggle if you need to in order to get the wetsuit past your buttocks and out of your crotch.
  5. Remove your legs Roll the wetsuit down your legs. When you get to your ankles, put a hand inside of the wetsuit at the ankle and use it to hold the wetsuit leg open while you slide your foot out. Repeat with the other foot when you are done. 
  6. Clean the wetsuit Be sure to rinse the wetsuit down with cold, fresh water. Let the wetsuit hang dry. Never use heat or an automatic dryer to dry it.

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